American Red Cross opens safety center during road closures in Manitou Springs

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. — “We have an agreement with Manitou Springs that under certain circumstances with weather, we are allowed to come in and open up the center, but that’s just for this one location, this one circumstance, this one community,” said Larry Cornett, shelter manager for the American Red Cross.

It’s a center for safety.

Many in Manitou Springs took advantage of the safety center at the community congregational church during road closures Saturday.

“All the flood mitigation work seems to be doing very, very well in Manitou Springs right now, the creeks are all within the banks. There’s been no structural damage at all throughout the city, people are safe,” said Reverand David Hunting, public information officer for Manitou Fire.

Highway-24 was shut down in both directions for several hours, forcing many on the road to wait it out.

“That hail is eally unique. I’ve never seen three to six inches of hail laying on the ground like this, this is kind of different,” said David Eiland, who stopped at the Red Cross Safety Center with his children.

According to Red Cross officials, a safety center is different from a shelter.

“The shelter would involve cots, would involve us feeding them. We’re responsible to take care of them: food, their safety,” Cornett said.

And it requires permission from a city official, but in the case of a sefty shelter, no evacuation has been declared.

It’s place to wait out road closures and get out of the severe weather.

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