Overnight shooting leads to search for attempted homicide suspect

Credit: Fox21's Taylor Bishop

UPDATE: Kendrick is now in custody at the El Paso County Jail. Details of his arrest were not immediately available.


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Colorado Springs police are looking for a man who is suspected of threatening several women during a social gathering.

According to police, Maurice D. Kendrick, 34, pulled out a gun and fired several rounds during a party for a pay-per-view event early Sunday morning.

Maurice Kendrick, 34
Maurice Kendrick, 34

Victims told police that Kendrick assaulted and threatened several women with the gun after they denied his advances.

After the party, Kendrick allegedly left the home and fired several rounds at the home as he was leaving the scene.

A neighbor from across the street said, “I was shutting off all of the lights in my house and I just started here like the crack of gun fire. I looked out the window and saw a car like the lights turn on and take off. It was like a white car.”

Thankfully, no one was injured during the shooting.

“It felt like an alien was going to burst out of my chest like my heart was beating so fast and then I just said drop and crawl because I was like scared. I saw the thing here and I was like well what if there’s a retaliation or something. I don’t want them to come this way so I’ll just get down and just crawled,” the neighbor said.

And he was surprised that something like this would happen in such a peaceful neighborhood.

“It’s really a nice neighborhood. I ride my bike.” The neighbor added, “It kind of scares me though because sometimes I go on night rides on my bike and I mean I could have been riding up the street or coming down this way and just got accidentally shot. That kind of freaks me out.”

CSPD says they attempted to locate Kendrick, but they were unsuccessful.

FOX21 tried speaking to several other neighbors who did not want to talk on camera because they were afraid they could be targeted next.

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