Officers file lawsuit against Colorado Springs Police Department

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Twelve female Colorado Springs police officers have sued the department, claiming discrimination during a physical fitness exam.

This is all according to their lawyers at Cornish & Dell’Olio, P.C.

“None of these women have ever had any performance issues and none of these women have ever had any problems making forcible arrests, taking criminals off the streets or solving crimes,” said Ian Kalmanowitz, Attorney for Cornish & Dell’Olio.

Their attorneys also said the women “have been stripped of their uniforms, guns, and pride, by a test.”

Read the full complaint. 

The lawyers said the women think the test is “unfair” and it’s “not normal for their age and sex” in comparison to other physical fitness exams in other agencies or the military.

According to a list of requirements provided by CSPD, each officer is required to take a physical ability test once per calendar year. The test requires:

  • Performing as many push-ups as possible in one minute. One point is earned for each push-up.
  • Running through a course as fast as possible while making quick turns and changes in direction. Points are awarded based on how quickly the officer completes the course.
  • Performing as many sit-ups as possible in one minute. One point is earned for each sit-up.
  • Completing the Beep Test, which measures aerobic capacity. The test involves multiple runs on a 20-meter course. The officer must keep up with a pace indicated on a CD. The pace increases in one-minute intervals for each run. One point is awarded for each run completed at the specified pace.

To pass the test, officers must earn at least 20 points, including at least one point in each category.

“I think we can all agree that fitness is important what we have a big problem with here is the idea that your continued employment is based on your ability to pass this test,” said Kalmanowitz.

Read the physical fitness requirements for Colorado Springs police officers.

A city spokeswoman said Friday that the city has not been served a civil lawsuit against CSPD regarding its physical fitness testing program. 

The Colorado Springs Police Department made the following statement Thursday:

“To date, the City has not been served a civil lawsuit related to the CSPD’s physical fitness testing, however, it is our policy not to comment on pending or ongoing litigation.”



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