Special Report: Severe Weather Season

PUEBLO, Colo. — We saw a good amount of snow this winter, but it’s now severe weather season, where almost anything goes.

“Really the tornado season in Colorado is in May and June so we’re in prime time for tornado season right now,” said Tom Magnuson, Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Pueblo.

Magnuson said Colorado gets more tornadoes than you might think, about 40 to 50 in a year, but usually the weaker kind.

“We call them landspout tornadoes and they form along boundaries where we have opposing air currents,” said Magnuson.

Weather reporting can be tricky in Colorado, so having the right gadgets helps.

“We can determine the types of precipitation that’s falling, differentiating between hail, and raindrops,” said Magnuson.

We also spoke to Paul Woyln, Science & Operations Officer for NWS Pueblo.

“The numerical models are constantly improving because of the increase in computer power,” Wolyn said.

During the severe weather season, we will most likely see hail, because as Magnuson explained, there’s a lot of ice in thunderstorms.

“How big the hail gets is a function of the speed of the up-current of the thunderstorm as its building,” said Magnuson.

Magnuson said we have about a half a million lighting strikes every year in Colorado, so it’s a very dangerous event when a thunderstorm comes through.

For the National Weather Service and all of us keeping track of your weather, the goal is to protect you, your family, and the things you own.

“‘What that means is building a resilient community wherever we are so we can deal with the severe weather,” said Magnuson.

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