Pueblo West High School students get a realistic look at drunk driving

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — With prom season in full swing, high school students are thinking about dresses and dates, but a simulated drunk driving crash has students at Pueblo West High School thinking a bit deeper.

Fire trucks, ambulances, and even the Flight for Life were there to remind students what might happen if they drink and drive.

“This was to really give our students the feel of what a real car accident would be like considering that we have prom this weekend and we really want our students to be safe,” student body vice president Madison Baysinger said.

And boy did it look realistic.

“I was part of the truck that came back from partying so the driver was charged with DUI and I ended up dead,” actor Connor Morrell said.

“The sheriff’s office put one of the students through road sides,” Pueblo West Fire Division Chief Brad Davidson, who organized the simulation, said. “I think watching that as well, these kids actually see what it does now.”

But, he says parents play a role too.

“I just want the parents to take a few minutes, speak with their kids, trust them that they’re going to make the right decision, but also talk with them,” Davidson said.

And students say it was not easy to watch.

“It’s one thing to hear that people die, but it’s another thing to see actual people who have been through the level of danger that we’re talking about,” said student Jacob Sloane.

“From what I heard, the students that were talking to me said that they, a few of them were almost crying because they were afraid or they didn’t want me to look like that and part of them actually felt like, ‘oh wow this is actually real,’ because I was their friend and I actually, to them, looked dead,” Morrell said.

The Pueblo West High School prom is Saturday, May 2

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