D-49 tackles their growing student population

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – District 49 is known for its schooling, and it’s beginning to be noticed for its high population. It has been dealing with some overcrowding issues for quite some time.

With a booming housing market, there is currently no relief in sight. Plus, the problem seems to be getting worse after a failed ballot measure last-year.

Without funding to build new facilities, they’ve had to get creative to accommodate kids.

19 out of their 22 schools have a higher student population than what the core of their facilities were designed for.

“As new homes continue to be built, growth is a problem we will continue to need to address as we move over the next decade, and the next couple decades here in Colorado Springs,” said Matt Meister, director of communications, District 49.

Despite this disadvantage, creative use of rooms, storage and the addition of modulars has allowed them to create a parent approved education.

“Whenever we visit the school, we don’t really notice as far as the one on one teacher to student education,” said David Cates, parent, District 49. “They are really meeting our demands as parents.”

To continue bringing the best education, District 49 will need to maintain the same learning environment, even with more students. Some future possibilities to tackle their growing population may be additional modulars, year-round schooling, and redirecting new students.

“Our teachers come in and are dedicated to these students each and every day,” said Meister. “Our leaders continue to look for solutions to the challenges that face District 49 as a growing district, and it’s really a good time to be in District 49.”


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