Mayoral runoff heats up

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — As the end of the mayoral runoff nears, the candidates try and stand out amongst each other during debates.

Looking at the original election results, we see that Mary Lou Makepeace is in the position of trying to catch up ground on John Suthers.

Makepeace said she tries to do that by having different views than Suthers, and Suthers just wants to maintain his lead to become the next mayor of Colorado Springs.

A growing point of contention in this runoff seems to be recreational marijuana.

“I see that there are many communities up and down the front range that have begun to sell recreational marijuana and it’s going fine. I think that we can learn from whatever mistakes they may have made and build on their success,” said Makepeace.

“She’s obviously making a play for the marijuana vote,” said Suthers. “I don’t know what that means. I’m not there yet.”

Suthers said he would take his time thinking about pushing for legalizing recreational marijuana in the Springs.

“I would prefer to wait, see how some of these things play out. Let the federal, state, legal conflict resolve itself before we went down that path,” said Suthers.

“If we legalize recreational marijuana we can control it, regulate it, just as we do alcohol and cigarettes, so we make sure that we have safety issues taken care of,” said Makepeace.

She said being in support of recreational marijuana helps her to stand out in this campaign, all while Suthers tries to maintain what he has.

“From my campaign’s perspective, my job’s pretty clear. I’ve got to get all the voters that voted for me the first time to vote again and pick up a fair share of Amy Lathen and Joel Miller voters and that’s what our campaign strategy is,” said Suthers.

“This is the most publicity I think that an election has gotten in a long time,” said Makepeace.

The ballots for the runoff election should be in your mailbox either Monday or Tuesday.

You can mail them in or drop them off any time between now and Election Day on May 19.

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