UPDATE: Family asks for kidney transplant for 9-year-old daughter

UPDATE: Tanya Ford contacted FOX21 and said after our story aired, TRICARE reached out to them and will now fully cover expenses for Rebekah’s kidney transplant. Rebekah is now on the waiting list for a kidney that matches her blood type. The Ford family would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

FORT CARSON, Colo. — A Fort Carson family says they’re getting the runaround from their insurance company.

It’s taking up time they simply don’t have. Their young daughter needs a kidney transplant.

The Ford family was originally told by TRICARE, their insurance company, the transplant would be covered 100 percent.

However, the family says the hospital received a different answer from TRICARE, telling the family they need to be on Medicare.

After a meeting with the family and both TRICARE and the hospital, the family has yet to receive an answer nearly a week later.

It’s been a new way of life for Tanya Ford and her family, ever since both her daughters contracted the H1N1 virus while living in Germany, where her husband was stationed in the Army.

The family is now stationed at Fort Carson, but their daughters are left with kidney disease.

“She’ll get sad, but then she’ll be like, ‘mama, it’s okay. It’s going to be alright mama, I’m okay,'” Ford said.

Nine-year-old Rebekah is need of a kidney transplant, but Ford says TRICARE has been giving them and the hospital different answers.

“I called back and I said, ‘um, you’re telling the hospital that you’re not going to pay, are you going pay?'” Ford said.

Right now, Rebekah goes through nine hours of dialysis every night, and complications have caused her to undergo three surgeries.

“We’ve exhausted all of our savings, trying to get past all of the other surgeries and things that we’ve had to do for Rebekah, so that’s why we put the fundraiser together,” Ford said.

Ford said she’s hoping for something to change, so that other military families won’t experience the same challenges.

“We have active duty service members that are being told that they have to go and get on another form of insurance,” Ford said.

Right now, she’s thankful her husband is able to be with the family, while his unit deployed without him.

If you’d like to donate funds for Rebekah’s kidney transplant, click here.

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