K-9 sniffs out over $130,000

PUEBLO, Colo. — One Colorado K-9 received an honorable mention from the Pueblo Police Department after she uncovered at least $130,000.

The two incidents occurred over the last month.

The first was near the intersection of West Pueblo Boulevard and South Prairie Avenue. A suspicious car was pulled over, and the smell of narcotics lead them to find over $30,000.

The other incident is still under investigation, but authorities said that the K-9 helped them find between $100,000 and $400,000.

The dog’s name is K-9 Widget. Her strength in these types of investigations comes from her nose.

“She goes around the vehicle,” said Sgt. Eric Gonzales, public information officer for the Pueblo Police Department. “She smells out narcotics, and what’s been interesting is in a couple, she’s sniffed out the narcotics, and it turns out to be money.”

Even though police have yet to determine if the drugs and money are linked, Widget’s nose was the first step in their investigation.

“When we’re doing those traffic stops, she’s going to find that dope if there’s dope there, because her nose is so strong, and she’s just a great tool for the city of Pueblo,” said one K-9 officer.

Widget is always rewarded with her tennis ball at the end of the day. It’s a relationship her K-9 officer loves.

“It’s great,” said the officer. “She goes home and lives with me 24/7, and I get to bring her to work with me. It’s a great feeling because It’s my best buddy.”

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