Former CSU Pueblo quarterback has his sights set on the NFL

PUEBLO, Colo. — With the NFL Draft about a week away, a local college quarterback is getting some serious interest from several teams.

Chris Bonner was the quarterback for the National Champion CSU Pueblo Wolf Pack. So far, he has had some workouts and conversations with the Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers, Green Bay Packers and he says even the Denver Broncos are interested.

But Chris says he’s working hard to make sure he is in top shape to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL.

Chris Bonner played a lot of sports growing up, but his parents never thought he would play football.

“He came home before his freshman year and said hey I think I am going to go out for quarterback, and my husband and I started to chuckle because we expected him to play baseball,” Carrie Bonner, Chris Bonner’s Mom said.

“When I got to freshman year, I kind of filled out some; I knew I had an arm so I decided to go out for the team,” Chris Bonner, NFL Draft Prospect said.

In high school, Chris started focusing on his football skills, so he could play at the college level.

“I was just trying to get my film out there, I saw they had just lost their senior quarter back, so I saw this opportunity to come in and play,” Bonner said.

So Chris joined the CSU Pueblo football team as a transfer from a junior college, and Coach Wristen says Chris is a very smart player.

“He could take what we put in the play book on the chalk board and take him out here and execute it right away and the second thing is I thought he threw the ball deep as well as anyone I have been around and that’s Division I for 17 years, but he is a very accurate passer,” John Wristen, CSU Pueblo Football Coach said.

Chris has been to several Pro Days and is working hard on his strength and conditioning.

“Being as tall as I am I got to get these feet moving and we do a lot of board work too talking about the game, watching film because being a quarterback I have to know everything out there,” Bonner said.

Chris’s mom says she loves watching her son pursue his passion.

“Anyone who follows their dreams is great, and I love seeing Chris follow his dream,” Carrie said.

But Chris is not just a football player.

“I have my own business, clothing company, I started in San Diego,” Bonner said.

He’s also an entrepreneur.

“It’s called Claremont Roots. I’m from Claremont so it’s called Claremont roots,” Bonner said.

But Chris knows he’s has to work hard to make his dream come true.

“I think I have proved myself a lot at this level, but coming from Division II guys aren’t sure with picks. So I think someone just inviting me into camp being able to see my talents and my knowledge of the game is what will take me on to the next level,” Bonner said.

Now, Chris says he hopes to be a late round draft pick. He also says he will be watching the draft from his home with family in San Diego.

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