Blue Bell ice cream recalls all products from shelves

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo–Blue Bell ice cream has recalled all of its products because of a listeria contamination.

This comes on the heels of gradual recalls of some of their other ice creams earlier this month.

Three people in Kansas are dead and ten people in four states are sick following the recalls earlier this month.

Blue Bell tested more of their ice cream and found more to be contaminated, which is starting this new, total recall of all ice cream items.

This danger is something that can be right in your freezer.

The batch of ice cream that caused this new recall stems from testing of gold top, chocolate chip cookie dough, half gallon ice creams.

Now, With all Blue Bell ice cream pulled off the shelves, some people are worried.

“I was pretty surprised, you know, cause i know a lot of people that do indulge in blue bell ice cream and have it in their fridge all the time,” said consumer Terrance Ivey.

The El Paso County Health Department said listeria contamination can be dangerous.

“Most people in the beginning will have fever, abdominal discomfort and things like that. The more serious symptoms are things such as meningitis or encephalitis and that again tends to be more likely in people that are immune compromised, but occasionally it’ll happen in healthy people too,” said Dr. Bill Letson from the health department.

Blue bell is a company that’s been around for over a hundred years.

In a statement by their CEO, he said eating their ice cream should simply be enjoyable

“It should never be cause for concern and for that. We do apologize and we’re going to get it right,” said Blue Bell CEO Paul Kruse.

Some consumers respect that.

“If they’re having an issue, which from the previous recall it showed they did. I think it’s responsible for them to recall all the products,” said Patrick Reed.

But that doesn’t mean shoppers opinions of blue bell won’t change.

“Yes it does in a way. I may be a little less likely probably to purchase their product because of it,” said Reed.

“I would be a little scared, yeah. If I had blue bell in my fridge i know that when i got home I’d be throwing it out,” said Ivey.

There is an easy way to tell if your gold top, chocolate chip cookie dough, ice cream is the same batch that caused this total recall of products.

There’s a blue number at the bottom of the tub.

If that number 031717B or 032717B then it’s the specific batches with listeria contamination.

The Food and Drug Administration suggests throwing away all Blue Bell ice cream products.

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