Space Symposium inspires kids to become engineers

Credit: Mike Duran

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo–Thursday is the last day of the 31st space symposium at the Broadmoor.

It’s a place where new space technologies come out and play for not only scientists and tech companies.

There is a lot of cool and fun stuff to check out, including real life rocket engines that people can come here and check out this week at the symposium and Thursday is kid and family day and some of the kids said it’s just so much fun to come out and see all of this cool stuff.

“It’s just kind of cool to see different opportunities of how you can apply engineering and various stuff that we’re learning in school to real life and see the kind of jobs we can get if we major in engineering and what-not,” said Christina Haile.

Some parents said the symposium breaks down barriers for some kids.

“Cause engineering sounds, to some people, a little boring. It’s all technical, but here you can see it’s so much bigger than that,” said Sonja Beaudoin.

Which opens up a whole new world to kids, “they get to interact, they get to see,” said Beaudoin, “and touch and feel and hear from people, but most of all they get to ask questions like, ‘where did you start out? How did you get into this career field?'”

Some kids really embrace the symposium.

“Take what we’ve learned here and see what classes we need to take to get to this kind of position,” said Haile.

Parents said that kind of curiosity is crucial for the future.

“This is the next generation of students and they’re going to bring those bright minds and develop things that we’ve never even heard of,” said Beaudoin.

While parents said it’s a lot of fun to be out here at the space symposium with their kids, checking out all of the cool stuff; they said the most important part about the day is the inspiration their kids are getting to be a part of the next wave of engineering technology for the future.

Some parents and kids said their favorite exhibit is the SpaceX because they get to see examples of the brand new technology the company is testing right now with their renewable rockets.

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