American Red Cross launches new emergency app

COLORADO SRPINGS, Colo. – Colorado is no stranger to natural disasters, but the American Red Cross wants to make these situations easier.

They have had numerous apps in the past, but on Thursday they unveiled their latest.

It’s called the Emergency App. It’s designed by the American Red Cross to tackle any kind of disaster.

“This is the most important app you can get to protect yourself, to make sure you are aware of potential dangers in your area,” said Bill Fortune, regional communication specialist for the American Red Cross.

With just a few clicks, users have instant access to weather alerts, safety tips and even preparedness information.

It’s also customizable, so the user will only be notified of the emergencies that matter to them.

“There are a lot of options here,” said Fortune. “You can be alerted to as many as 14 different emergencies, so you really need to know the hazards in your area, and where you’re going to be to have it set up correctly.”

Another perk comes in the form of social media. If the telephone lines are down, or even backed up, this is a great option.

“This will allow you to actually click with one button, and send a message to social media and get that information out about your condition,” said Fortune. “Whether you are okay or whether you need help.”

The app also helps with home emergencies, tracking disasters where other family members live and even pointing out American Red Cross shelters.

The American Red Cross suggested getting the app now, so the public will be ready to use it when the time comes.

“Get used to that app. Know what that app can do and what it will do for you. Make sure it’s set up properly, because an app isn’t going to do you any good at all if you don’t know how to use it.”

The best part about the Emergency App is that it’s entirely free. You can get it at the or in your app store.

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