Air Force Academy highlights Sexual Violence Awareness Month

The Air Force Academy, which was at the center of two sexual assault scandals earlier this year, hosted an event highlighting the awareness and prevention of sexual violence.

This was the second annual event for sexual violence awareness at the Academy. The theme was “Know your part. Do your part” and the message was to let victims know they don’t have to be afraid to speak up.

The awareness for those who put this event together is most important because according to statistics less than 50% of victims report these crimes.

“Let us all make an equal commitment right here and right now and assume responsibility to tonight to defend our brothers and sisters in arms against the crime of sexual assault,” said Deborah Lee James, Secretary of the U.S Air Force.

According to the Take Back the Night Foundation 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men worldwide experience some form of sexual violence.

“The victims feel like there’s a better environment but I know we can always do better and this is just one step is trying to make it better,” said Col. CJ Bausano with the U.S Air Force Academy.

To the cadets, Thursday night was about making sure they stay leaders in the community and take care of one another.

“In preparation to be officers of character in the United States military a fundamental value of the military is always spoken about trust and anytime you have sexual assault it breaks the trust and negatively impacts the ability to complete the mission,” said U.S Air Force Academy Cadet John Hamm.

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