Possible upcoming moisture may only provide temporary relief from fire danger

PUEBLO, Colo. — “At least one day of rain, or two days of rain per week, a pattern. At least every 10 days of moisture come through, will give us some relief,” said Ralph Bellah, fire prevention officer with the Pike and San Isabel National Forest Service.

Until then, forests in southern Colorado will only get temporary relief from fire danger.

According to Pike and San Isabel National Forest officials, moisture levels are taken from trees every week. Right now, forests are in the above average range for fire danger.

“When we have the hot and cold temperatures influx, so we have a lot of red flags because of cold and warm air mixing and creates wind and dries out the fuels,” Bellah said.

Fuels include grasses, shrubs and trees.

Officials said it’s around this time of year when fuels are more receptive to fires.

“If the trees have more moisture on it, they tend to be more single tree torching. If they’re really dry and there’s a wind, then it’ll be a crown fire for sure,” Bellah said.

Until we see more consistent moisture patterns, forest officials advise the public to be more cautious of their actions.

For a closer look at forest fire danger and moisture levels, click here.

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