31st Space Symposium kicks off and has major economic impact on the area

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The annual event for all things outer space is back in town, drawing thousands of attendees with it. The 31st Space Symposium kicked off at The Broadmoor Monday.

“The Space Symposium is the largest event globally of all things space and by all things I mean civil space, commercial space, and defense space,” The Space Foundation’s Vice President of Marketing and Communication, Kevin Cook, said.

And it’s all about joining together to share new information.

“We have leaders from all of these different countries here exchanging ideas and exchanging technologies,” said Cook.

“I think it’s been about three years since NASA has been here, but the Space Symposium is one of the pre-eminent opportunities for space policy and it’s time we came back,” NASA’s Space Launch System Deputy Strategic Communications Manager, Trey Cate, said. “And it’s an opportunity for us to showcase all six of NASA’s major communication themes.”

This event alone brings thousands to the area.

“Last year we rounded it off at about 11,000 people and we look to be at least that many this year if not more,” Cook said.

But they have to have some place to stay.

“We fill The Broadmoor to capacity,” said Cook. “We fill at least 10 other hotels that are partner hotels to capacity. And then other hotels that aren’t officially aligned with the program, we hear reports that they’re filling up their hotels.”

And the local economy gets to reap those benefits.

“Conservatively, it’s estimated between $30 and $35 million [spent],” said Cook.

With over 160 exhibits to see, it’s no wonder the symposium draws such a crowd.

“It’s very important for the United States to maintain its leadership in space exploration and especially human space exploration and we are just happy to be here and look forward to a great week,” Cate said.

For more information, visit www.SpaceFoundation.org

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