“Good Samaritans” find 2-year-old wandering in street, call police

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Colorado Springs Police Department is praising some “good Samaritans” who called them after finding a toddler wandering in the street Thursday afternoon.

Police said around 2:30 p.m., some people who prefer to remain anonymous found a 2-year-old child wandering in the area of Mosquito Pass Drive and Rio Vista Drive in northeastern Colorado Springs. The people kept the child in a safe place near where they found him and immediately called police. Officers couldn’t immediately find the child’s home, so they took him to a substation until they could find a safe place for him.

About an hour and 40 minutes after the child was found, the mother realized he was missing and called police.

Police said the mother had left her son with his grandmother while she went to pick up another child from school. However, the mother had not made sure the grandmother knew she was supposed to be watching the boy. The grandmother noticed the boy was gone, but thought his mother had taken him.

The child was returned to the family and no criminal charges were filed, but police said the Department of Human Services “will be conducting follow up to assist the family.”

“In this case, a simple miscommunication could have led to a disastrous outcome.” police said in a statement. “The CSPD would like to remind parents and guardians that, even in the chaos of daily life, please make sure communication has taken place regarding who is supposed to be watching a child at all times.”

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