Laser technology is saving lives and limbs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo–A local company makes ground breaking technology here in the United States that uses a laser to break up clogged arteries, which helps save lives and limbs.

The company, Spectranetics, said the disease, Perripheral Artery Disease, or PAD, impacts about two hundred million people worldwide, which is more than HIV AID

The company said the disease is increasing as well. That’s where this laser technology comes into play.

It helps save lives and limbs. One patient who’s had the procedure done said it’s completely changed her life.

“I couldn’t exercise. I couldn’t work in my flower beds because of the pain in the leg,” said Frances Wolf.

That’s before Frances had the surgery for her disease, PAD.

“Peripheral artery disease, or pad, people will call it is a global pandemic, period, hard stop,” said Spectranetics President and CEO Scott Drake.

Frances said the procedure felt like a walk in the park.

“It was great, I walked out of the office after the procedure,” said Frances.

Spectranetics said it’s hard to get this technology out there with the amount of government regulations.

Senator Bennet came for a visit to see the technology Friday. He said he wants to help with that problem.

“Knock down some of the regulatory barriers that have kept innovators from being able to get to market quickly,” said Colorado Senator (D-CO) Michael Bennet.

Spectranetics said with that kind of help, they can do a lot of things here in Colorado Springs.

“We can do better for the economy, we can do better for jobs, we can do better for patients by being a little bit more nimble from a regulatory standpoint,” said Drake.

Frances said she wears by the procedure.

“I went to work the next day and I haven’t had any time to even think about it. It’s just been a godsend,” said Frances.

With patients who said the technology completely changed their life, Spectranetics said it’s their goal to get this technology out to more patients, so they can start living a more active life.

Now, while the local company said they have a good relationship with the FDA, they said the price of getting technology approved and passed is one reason why their technology isn’t main stream yet.

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