Neighborhood rejoices after removal of eyesores

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo–Some people in Colorado Springs are happy Thursday after an eyesore in their neighborhood was finally fixed.

The house on the corner of Brittany and Dublin had several city code violations that officers removed Wednesday.

City code enforcement said the house has had numerous code violations over a three year period, with the house being visited by officers 25 times in 2014.

After an elongated process, the run down, unsilenced vehicles sitting on the property were taken away.

Some neighbors said they’re ecstatic that they city has done something about the problem, but some said there still needs to be more done.

“It felt wonderful to see the code people there in force and i have a lot of confidence that they city won’t forget us,” said one Neighbor.

She doesn’t want to be identified for fear of retribution from the owner of the house.

She said this positive outcome wasn’t always certain.

“There were times that you wondered would they do it, and they came through, so we feel good,” said the neighbor.

Even with the code violations removed, city code enforcers said a whole different set of violations are there after removing the cars.

“We found some sanitation violations and some junk on the property. We issued a notice to have those items abated within the next ten days,” said city code enforcer Tom Wasinger.

Some neighbors still want more to be done.

“Most of us of course would like it to look so much better. It could be such a nice place for someone,” said the neighbor.

FOX21 did speak with the owner of the house and he said it is his goal to make the house as presentable as possible, so that it does match the rest of the neighborhood.

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