Local NAACP calls out national headquarters

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Colorado Springs NAACP office has gone on a bit of a hiatus, after what their national organization considers non-compliance, but there is more to this story than what meets the eye.

The local branch is facing penalties within the organization for failing to submit their end of the year documents, but they said it’s not that they didn’t want to. It’s because the national organization isn’t giving them access to their roster. These documents are needed in order to comply with their national standards.

The national organization has yet to make any comment.

Until they receive the roster, the office is not allowed to have any more meetings.

They said their problems all began with their former secretary.

“The secretary alleged that she was given instruction by the national headquarters not to allow access to the roster,” said Henry Allen Jr., president of the Colorado Springs NAACP.

No roster means they have no way to tell exactly how much money they owe per member, and Allen said he has become suspicious of what this all means.

“We’ve been asking for the roster for probably about 18 months, and you have to understand the roster plays an important role in the branch,” said Allen. “Who controls the roster, who has the roster, controls the elections for the local branch.”

They claimed their former secretary was picking and choosing who was informed of the elections, leaving out voters and even some candidates. Allen said he believes this was happening for years and the organization said they expected more following the bombing investigation.

“When we found out the president of the national was coming to Colorado Springs, we assumed it was to meet with us and see what was going on to see if any way national could help us continue to move forward, and that just didn’t happen,” said Brenda King, volunteer for the Colorado Springs NAACP.

Allen said they are now left to think their national organization wanted to control the elections, ultimately getting candidates they could manipulate.

With hopes of moving forward, the branch said all they want is the roster so they can continue their work.

“Kind of heartbreaking when we put all our effort into providing support that’s needed to everybody in this community, and then at the national we get no recognition,” said King.

The local branch says the NAACP State Conference is also out of compliance. Allen believes they are soliciting larger amounts of money than what is allowed, and thinks there is potential for criminal activity.

We have reached out to their state representatives and have received no response.

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