Mayoral candidate Mary Lou Makepeace: “I’ve been totally engaged in this community”

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Mary Lou Makepeace said she brings something different to the table than the other candidates for mayor.

She said she’s entrenched herself in this community throughout her time here and she said that knowledge of our community is one of things that makes her capable of being mayor again.

“I think what’s unique about me is that I’ve lived here for 41 years,” said Makepeace. “I’ve been totally engaged in this community. I’ve had a variety of jobs. I’ve raised my family here.”

She said her record speaks for itself.

“I’m the only candidate that has served as mayor previously. I spent twelve years on city council and six years as the mayor,” said Makepeace.

She said this election comes down to moving Colorado Springs forward.

“I want people to feel proud about Colorado Springs. I want them to be glad they live here and of course they will feel that way if we have jobs, if we clean up the place, fix up our community and maybe have a little bit more fun,” said Makepeace.

On the topic of jobs, she said it’s important for more business to come to the Springs.

“I’m suggesting that we look at businesses like cyber security. They’re growing; we know there’s a need for that going into the future. Let’s make Colorado Springs the cyber security capital of the nation,” said Makepeace.

Makepeace said her goal as mayor is to include the people in decision making.

“I like people, I want to know what’s on people’s mind. I want to hear from them. People have terrific ideas. Right now there’s no venue for them to share those ideas. I want to invite them in and talk about what’s good for the community,” said Makepeace.

She said she definitely stands out amongst her competitors.

“The other candidates have very little on the ground experience. I’m not talking about the city of Colorado Springs, although they don’t have that experience either. I’m talking about experience with ordinary people who live here and make this community a wonderful place,” said Makepeace.

She said this election comes down to leadership.

“Everything is changing in the world and leadership, these days, needs to be very nimble and bring the citizens of Colorado Springs with them and I can do that. I have a track record of doing that,” said Makepeace.

Makepeace said another area of business she wants to embrace is the growing bicycle industry, with more businesses coming into town, and enticing tourism to the area through bike races and other events.

Election Day is April 7.

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