Local Air Force squadron runs for fallen and wounded brothers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo–Air support ops squadrons around the world and one right here at Peterson Air force base ran for twenty four hours straight Thursday into Friday to raise money for the families of fallen and wounded military members that do the same job they do.

These military members are a tactical air control party, or TACP.

They deploy with an army ground unit and are in charge of directing airstrikes onto enemy targets; they said it can be a very dangerous job.

All of the squadrons are aiming to raise a hundred thousand dollars. Locally, the 13th squadron has a goal of running a thousand miles during the event.

The local airmen said Thursday is one of the most important day’s every year for them.

They said it’s a time for bonding, brotherhood, and bringing all the energy they have to run.

The squadron’s are running for several fallen members, including one local member from the 13th air support ops squadron, Major David Gray.

“Miss him, but I’m honored to be able to have called him my friend to serve our country with him and to be honest with you, just known him,” said Senior Master Sgt. Adam Vizi.

They also said this is a day for fun as well.

“Hangin out, running. It’s good PT,” said Senior Airman Michael Bradley, “Everyone’s pretty much a PT stud in our squadron.”

“We’re running eight hour shifts, but throughout that shift their running as much as their able to. Some of us will be out here for the full twenty four hours running off and on as well,” said Senior Airman Daniel Wolcott.

The guys said one of the best things today is the brotherhood formed by running for their fallen military members.0

“We push really hard and that’s not just because we want to do better than the guy running next to you, but it’s because you want to do better for him,” said Bradley.

Even if they get tired, they push through.

“The cause does lift us up and gets us over any obstacle we face,” said Wolcott.

The cause and the people they’ve lost are always on their minds Thursday.

“Major Gray’s moto was to never quite and he was always first to be across the finish line. He was always the first to stay late. He was always last to leave the squadron,” said Vizi.

The squadron is still accepting donations until the 29th of March.

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