Safety tips you need to know before you go hiking

What you need to know before you go hiking. FOX21's Alison Mastrangelo

After a man died hiking this weekend
, officials want to remind people about safety tips, before they hit the trails.

It’s spring break for a lot of schools, and the weather has been beautiful in Colorado Springs, which means more people are out exploring the wonderful trails the Springs has to offer.

“Either hike in a group or make sure if you do go by yourself, somebody knows where you are going to be and when you are expected to return,” Mitchell Martin, Park Manager at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, said.

Park officials also said whether you are hiking alone or in a group, they have papers where you can sign your name and contact information, so at the end of the day if your car is still there, they know who to look for.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department wants to remind people to pack plenty of food and water, extra clothes, sunscreen, and a cell phone, and to be on the lookout for erosion and changing trail conditions.

“In the springtime we get warm days and it’s still cold enough at night that water will freeze. You could be on a trail and a portion of it’s fine and then you go around the corner in a shady area and it could be covered in ice,” Fire Lieutenant Marvin R. Adams of the Colorado Springs Fire Department said.

That’s why the fire departments want people to know their surroundings, because one small misstep could cause a serious situation.

“You could trip and fall, and strike your head against a rock or against a tree, easily twist an ankle and render yourself unable to move because you go from a city environment right into a wilderness environment, within a few hundred yards you will find yourself in a difficult situation,” Adams said.

And be careful when it comes to rock climbing.

“Be aware when you are in city parks and climb above 10 feet that is considered scrambling and that will elicit a ticket from the police department and cause the high angle rescue team to come get you off of the rocks,” Adams said.

Adams said that ticket could cost you a few hundred dollars.

Also, park officials said to look out for horses and bikers when you are out hiking so you do not get in their way, because they want everyone to enjoy the trails as safely as possible.

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