Caution: More high risk fire days on the way

Firefighters put out fire in Colorado Springs. Mike Duran - FOX21 News.

Monday Colorado saw multiple red flag warnings, and more are on the way with summer right around the corner.

“This is something a lot of people don’t think about, but it should definitely be a heads up for people that this will be occurring more and more through out the years,” said Makoto Moore, meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

Ever since the time change, people have been outside enjoying the warm weather and creating their own accidental heat.

“We have seen an increase in human fire starts,” said Lawrence Lujan, public information officer for the Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center. “You have to keep in mind, we are not in our lightning season right now, so the majority of the fires that we are seeing are started by humans.’

Moore also said just because we’ve had snow, doesn’t mean there is a whole lot of moisture.

“The real problem is with the increased fuels, the grasses, the small twigs, branches,” said Moore. “They can catch fire easily, and the fire will move quickly, and that’s where the danger is.”

Most Colorado residents know to put out their campfires and to never throw a cigarette out the window, but there are some things that get overlooked. For instance, mowing over dry grass or weeds can be an issue.

“Vehicle safety, don’t pull over onto dry grass,” said Lujan. “Make sure if dragging a trailer that the chains aren’t dragging on the ground.”

These tips are essential during extreme fire weather conditions, because a simple mistake is all it takes.

“If all these things are in alignment, you have hot, dry and windy conditions, and there’s that ignition source, there is potential for that fire to spread, so people need to be mindful, be careful,” said Lujan. “One less spark equals one less wildfire.”

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