Colorado Springs hosts first Cosmic Con

Colorado Springs Cosmic Con
Colorado Springs Cosmic Con

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It was a packed room at the Hotel Elegante Saturday.

“We wanted to have something that could compete with Denver comic cons, ’cause everybody always has to go to Denver for good events,” said John Hernandez, director of Colorado Cosmic Con.

Colorado Springs saw its first Cosmic Con this weekend.

And many came dressed for the part.

“I am a steam punk fairy. It’s actually my own character design that I came up with,” said Tiffany Wangerin, a cosplay guest.

“Mine is a character that I’ve been developing for a couple months,” said Syd Fox, an attendee at Cosmic Con.

Whether they were ready, or not.

“Quick thought when I was in the car,” said Isaih Bishop, an attendee at Cosmic Con.

Wangerin tells FOX21 she’s glad to finally see cosmic con in Colorado Springs.

“We have so many in Denver, and it’s great to have them here. It feels like there’s a big community of cosplayers and artists here in the Springs,” said Wangerin.

Apart from the many celebrity guests, dressing up seemed to be favorite for many.

“You get to totally transform yourself into another character,” said Madison Moore, an attendee at Cosmic Con.

“Everyone else is dressed up, and they get to look at your costume and say, ‘wow, look at that. That’s interesting!” said John Fox, who was dressed up as a plague doctor.

And organizers say plans for next year’s Cosmic Con, are already being made.

“Where else can you really express yourself creatively, other than Halloween?” Wangerin said.

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