Business owner claims marijuana odor is affecting her bottom line

Marijuana consumption club, 420 Speakeasy. / Taylor Bishop -- FOX21 News
Marijuana consumption club, 420 Speakeasy. / Taylor Bishop -- FOX21 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Ever since a private members cannabis club moved in next door to Liz Hanson’s insurance agency, she says she and other businesses are being affected by the marijuana odor to the point that she’s ready to up and move.

“I’ve been in this shopping center, July would be 20 years,” said Hanson.

But not for long. On Thursday, she’s planning on uprooting to another location.

“The speakeasy opened up February 1 and it’s just been constant problems since then and I just refuse to deal with it any longer,” Hanson said.

“We don’t sell any product, you bring your own,” 420 Speakeasy owner Travis Perkins said. “It is just a place for the community to have a clean and safe, legal environment to be away from kids and come somewhere safe and gather as a club and just enjoy the movement of cannabis.”

But Hanson said she’s tired of having to explain to customers the reason for the smell.

“My customers walk in and say the place smells like pot and that’s certainly not the image that I want to project for my business,” said Hanson.

According to Perkins, 420 Speakeasy is doing everything they’re supposed to.

“We do have the proper ventilation. We do make sure that we are 100 percent in compliance to keep it comfortable for everybody. We are, like I said, for the community, not against the community,” Perkins said.

Hanson said she voted for the legalization of marijuana, but the city should rethink its zoning.

“I think we really need to look strongly at some zoning issues there.” Hanson said. “I’d say if this were a liquor store or a bar next door, they would have to go through a process to get a liquor license that would allow neighbors to complain or object to the whole process or object to them being there. We don’t have that in place.”

The City Planning Department said marijuana consumption clubs have recently been determined by the City Council to be similar to private social clubs. Therefore, they are permitted wherever social clubs are permitted. According to the city, 420 Speakeasy is completely compliant.


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