Potholes at local shopping centers are causing problems for drivers

Potholes are costing some drivers extra money. FOX21's Alison Mastrangelo

Thanks to this wild winter weather, potholes are becoming a growing problem, especially in the Cheyenne Meadows Shopping Center.

Since the area is privately owned and not a part of the city, drivers have to wait until the shopping center’s association can have someone come out to fix them.

Potholes are making Colorado Springs drivers cringe when they’re on the roads.

“I tightened up. I sometimes close my eyes when my husband is driving over them,” Colorado Springs resident Ashley Zinnsaid said.

People visiting the Cheyenne Meadows Shopping Center have to navigate through a large area of treacherous potholes to get to the stores.

“Potholes are bad. My car is in the tire shop because of these potholes,” Colorado Springs resident Andrea Zamora said.

And their original quick trip to the store is now costing them extra money.

“I was driving and then boom, my tire is gone, and that’s going to cost me $160,” Zamora said.

Vince White, the Assistant Manager at Tire World, said they see about 10 to 15 cars a day coming in with car issues from drivers hitting potholes, from all over the city.

“Obviously blown out tires and a few bent rims, that’s pretty typical of the potholes, and some alignment issues, but not too many,” White said.

With nice weather in the forecast, the manager for the City Streets Division said his workers are on pothole patrol fixing as many as they can.

“Preliminary numbers coming, they are not confirmed yet, but it’s looking like we could have filled up to 1,300 potholes today alone,” Streets Division manager Corey Farkus said.

We did find the owner of the buildings for Starbucks and Advance Auto Parts, and he did not want to be named. However, he did say they are aware of the problem.

In fact, they actually received emails today from Starbucks and Advance Auto Parts corporate saying they need to fix the problem.

He also says he has forwarded the information to the Cheyenne Meadows Association and they are working on fixing it soon.

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