Ever lock your keys in your car? It happens more often than you think

It happens before you know it.
“Never, ever, first time ever,” said Kristina Arnold, who accidentally left her keys locked inside her car.
But you realize it immediately.
“I was sad, I’m not even gonna lie,” Arnold said.
“It’s a hopeless feeling, I guess you could say,” said Mike Reiersgord, whose kids left his car keys inside his locked car.
Unlocking cars with keys left inside is a daily job for Juan Liz with Locksmiths of Colorado.
“I average like 25 to 30 jobs a week,” Liz said.
Whether it’s a sunny or snowy day, he still keeps busy. But it’s the colder temps that can cause more people to get locked out.
“Definitely during the winter time, when people are rushing, in the mornings especially, trying to get their car warmed up and rushing trying to take their kids to school,” Liz said.

Liz said you can expect long wait times in snowy weather and during the holiday season.

He said last year, he had 16 calls in one day.
“It was like ice cold, and it was snowing. It was an unbelievable day ’cause it was like one car after another,” Liz said.

Typically, Liz said he gets between five to nine calls a day.
“I’ll definitely always make sure that my keys are in my hand before I get out of my car. No more keeping them in my purse,” Arnold said.
“One time is all I got, and see, now the kids are messing with me,” Reiersgord said.
Liz said it’s best to make sure you always have your keys in your hand when you’re getting out of your car, and take care to not hit the lock with your arm or elbow as you get out.
Lastly, as a reminder, babies and pets stuck inside cars always take priority.

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