App of the Week: Clean and Green Eating

A new app has the best and healthiest recipes for the family to enjoy.

“Clean and Green Eating” is available for free for a limited time on iOS and is currently $2.99 on Android devices.

It includes everything from simple recipes to nutrition information and even ways to create a shopping list for certain recipes.

Users can also input items from their pantry and the app will then automatically generate recipes based on what users have available.

When you first open the app you’ll notice the various recipes the app offers.

You can simply scroll down the page and click on the recipe for prepping information.

Users can also click on the tabs on top, which sort the recipes out by category. It orders sections from breakfast to snack foods and drinks.

If you like a particular recipe you can add it to your shopping list. From there you can go to the store, open the app and know exactly what you need to make the meal.

You can sort through the ingredients by recipe or aisle in the store.

When you open a recipe you can scroll through ingredients, method of preparation and also click on nutritional information.

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