February Gerb-Stats

fox21 weather graphic

It was a great month for snowfall in both cities. Colorado Spring picked up over three times the normal amount and Pueblo had an amazing six times the average. That 23.5 inches in Pueblo is a new record for February snowfall! A big chunk of that (13.6”) came on the 25th, 26th, and 27th. Both cities are continuing to pile up the snow and the precipitation for the year through February. Colorado Springs has 350% of the average. Pueblo’s number is 193%.

The month started out quite warm. As a matter of fact, out of the first 20 days Colorado Springs hit 60° or better 10 times and the temperatures was over 70° twice! Over the same time span, Pueblo hit or topped 70° six times. After that, both cities had a run of eight cold days where the temperature did not even get to the average high for the day. That left each city about a degree and a half above the monthly mean.

The 30 Day Outlook from The National Weather Service indicates both average temperatures and precipitation for the month of March.

Colorado Springs


Temperature High

74 (7th)

78 (6th and 7th)


-3 (28th)

0 (28th)

Average Temperature



Normal Value



Departure From Normal



Snow This Month

16.6 inches

23.5 inches


4.9 inches

3.8 inches

Departure From Normal

11.7 inches

19.7 inches

Precipitation Year To Date

2.32 inches

1.43 inches

Normal Year To Date

.66 inches

.74 inches

Departure From Normal

1.66 inches

-.69 inches

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