Former Broncos player says NFL should allow marijuana

A former NFL star is looking to change the game.

Former Broncos tight end, Nate Jackson, recently announced his thoughts on the NFL and marijuana use.

Jackson says the NFL should allow players to smoke marijuana without penalty.

During cannabis business conference, Jackson said the league should allow medical marijuana as a means to help players deal with the physical and psychological pain and head injuries inherent to their profession, according to Arnie Stapleton with the Associated Press. 

Jackson argues that pot is a safer alternative for players who have injured themselves on the field or in practice.

“It kept my brain clean,” Jackson said during the conference, according to Stapleton with AP. 

During Jackson’s speech at the conference he credited marijuana for not getting addicted to pain pills.

“I feel like I exited the game with my mind intact. And I credit that to marijuana in a lot of ways and not getting hooked on these pain pills that are recklessly distributed in the league when a guy gets an injury,” Jackson said.

Read the full story by Associated Press’ Arnie Stapleton here. 

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