September Gerb-Stats

fox21 weather graphic

Colorado Springs


Temperature High

92 (3rd)

100 (3rd)


34 (12th)

39 (12th and 13th)

Average Temperature



Normal Value



Departure From Normal



Precipitation This Month

.61 inches

.62 inches


1.19 inches

.77 inches

Departure From Normal

-.58 inches

-.15 inches

Precipitation Year To Date

13.66 inches

10.22 inches

Normal Year To Date

14.98 inches

11.00 inches

Departure From Normal

1.32 inches

-.78 inches

Warm and dry were the weather words for September. Both Colorado Springs and Pueblo had mean temperatures above normal, plus 3 degrees in The Springs and 2.5 degrees above average in Pueblo. Contributing to those numbers were monthly high temperatures hotter than anything in August! On the third, the thermometer hit 92 in The Springs and 100 in Pueblo. The highs for August were 89 and 96 degrees respectively.

Fourteen days with precipitation in Colorado Springs brought just over .6 of an inch. That was only about half of the average, and if we didn’t have the big rains on the 29th, that number would be about ten percent. The city did have snow on two occasions. Flakes were reported on the 12th and the 29th. Pueblo received no snow, but did much better in the precipitation department. The Steel City picked up just over 80 percent of the normal monthly precipitation.

The National Weather Service 30 Day Outlook for October calls for equal chances of above and below normal temperatures. The same goes for most of the state with precipitation. However, south of the Arkansas River, precipitation should be above the average.

August 2014

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