October Gerb-Stats

fox21 weather graphic

Colorado Springs


Temperature High

82 (15th)

86 (6th)


31 (29th)

27 (29th)

Average Temperature



Normal Value



Departure From Normal



Precipitation This Month

2.96 inches

.91 inches


.82 inches

.72 inches

Departure From Normal

2.14 inches

.19 inches

Precipitation Year To Date

16.62 inches

11.13 inches

Normal Year To Date

15.80 inches

11.72 inches

Departure From Normal

.82 inches

-.59 inches

If fine fall weather is a favorite of yours, then this October rated high on your list. The mean temperature in both Colorado Springs and Pueblo was over four degrees warmer than what is expected. The Springs hit 82 on the 15th for the monthly high, and Pueblo topped out at 86 on the 6th.

There were only five days with precipitation in Colorado Springs. However on just one of those days, the city received almost 96 percent of the monthly total. On the 9th, 2.83 inches of rain fell on Colorado Springs. So for the month, the city was well above average. Our current year to date total is more than we normally get for the entire year. A trace of snow fell on two days, the 11th and the 27th.

The figures in Pueblo weren’t quite as staggering, but the city still managed to beat the monthly normal of .72 of an inch by about 25 percent. The precipitation for the year so far is still below normal by over a half inch.

The National Weather Service 30 Day Outlook has us receiving about average precipitation for November. Chances are the temperatures will run above normal.

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