December Gerb-Stats

fox21 weather graphic

Colorado Springs


Temperature High

61 (11th)

62 (10th)


-11 (31st)

-17 (31st)

Average Temperature



Normal Value



Departure From Normal



Precipitation This Month

3.7 inches

3.2 inches


5.7 inches

5.5 inches

Departure From Normal

-2.4 inches

-2.3 inches

Precipitation Year To Date

17.04 inches

11.83 inches

Normal Year To Date

16.54 inches

12.57 inches

Departure From Normal

.50 inches

-.74 inches

Much of December saw temperatures well above the daily average. At one point, the mean temperature in Colorado Springs was almost six degrees above average. However, a cold snap during the final week of the month brought those mean temperature a lot closer to normal. The Springs ended up just 1.7° warmer than is expected, and Pueblo just about hit the average. It was only off by .2°. The final day of the month was the coldest day in both cities. That -17° reading in Pueblo set a new record for the date.

The snowfall was less than expect. With 12 days of snow, Colorado Springs could only manage 3.7 inches, just 65% of normal. However the precipitation for the year was again above average. This time it was by .5 inch. In Pueblo, the snow total for the month was just 58% of the average, and the yearly precipitation also fell a little short of normal.

For the first month of the new year, The National Weather Service is predicting average temperatures and average precipitation.

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