August Gerb-Stats

fox21 weather graphic

Colorado Springs


Temperature High

89 (17th)

96 (17th & 18th)


48 (30th)

48 (29th)

Average Temperature



Normal Value



Departure From Normal



Precipitation This Month

2.34 Inches

1.26 Inches


3.34 Inches

2.32 Inches

Departure From Normal

-1.00 Inches

-1.06 Inches

Precipitation Year To Date

13.05 Inches

9.60 Inches

Normal Year To Date

13.79 Inches

10.23 Inches

Departure From Normal

-.74 Inches

-.63 Inches

Despite having rain on 20 out of 31 days in August, Colorado Springs still ended up with less than the average. The 2.34 inches was exactly one inch below normal. Pueblo had 14 days with rain, but missed the average by just over an inch. The normal precipitation of 2.32 inches makes August, on average the wettest month of the year in Pueblo.

It was somewhat unusual that during the month, Colorado Springs didn’t get into the 90s and Pueblo didn’t crack 100 degrees. In Pueblo, the mean temperature was exactly the same as the long term average, just over 73 degrees. Colorado Springs was slightly cooler than average, but this deserves an explanation. The mean high temperature for the month was exactly average. However, overnight is where the temperatures were a bit cool and that brought down the overall average.

The National Weather Service 30 Day Outlook for September calls for temperatures close to average. The precipitation is more likely than not to be above average which is good because the year to date precipitation in both cities is still a bit below normal.

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