Those pesky potholes are hard to miss, but the Street Division is stepping up its game

Colorado Springs roads have seen better days, but history could be to blame for the shape they’re in.

“In previous years, previous decades really, we haven’t taken care of our infrastructure like we should have,” Street Division manager Corey Farkas said. “We’re paying for that now.”

And fixing the roads comes at a stiff price.

“This year we’ve got approximately $16 million set aside for all of our pavements. That would be resurfacing, concrete, signs and markings, all of the maintenance things that we need to take care of,” Farkas said.

That may sound like a lot, but it’s not enough to keep the streets completely safe.

“We should be resurfacing 10 percent of our roads every year and we’re doing about 2% percent of our roads,” Farkas said.

Compared to last year, the Street Division has already stepped it up.

“From January 1 to this point, the end of February last year, we had filled about 2,600 potholes,” Farkas said. “From the first of January to the end of February this year, we’re over 6,200.”

If you know of a pothole that is in need of maintenance, report it by calling the pothole hotline at 719-385-ROAD.

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