Game Stop customers help detain two attempted robbery suspects

Customers at a Colorado Springs GameStop helped detain two attempted robbery suspects until police arrived Tuesday afternoon.

Police said the incident started around 5:25 p.m. Tuesday when a caller reported a robbery in progress at the store at 3235 East Platte Avenue. The caller told police a suspect had been kicking the door out, and was now being held down.

Police investigated and learned two men had entered the store and tried to distract the employees. One of the men went behind the counter and started stealing video games off the back wall behind the counter, according to police. The store manager then ran to the front door and locked the suspects in the store. One of the suspects tried to grab the keys from the manager, but was unsuccessful. Two customers in the store intervened and began fighting with the suspect. The second suspect tried to pull the first suspect free, according to police.

The first suspect then began kicking the front glass door in an attempt to escape. The second suspect held back the manager and two other witnesses who had come to help.

Police said the suspect made his way out the front door, but was subdued by the two witnesses and held for police.

Both suspects were taken into custody, but police said they have not been identified yet.

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