These apps will place the best Black Friday bargains in your hands

Black Friday’s Blockbuster deals may not be enough anymore.

A survey by Bankrate found just 28% of shoppers will head to a Brick-and-Mortar store.

Americans are projected to spend a record 89 billion dollars online this holiday season.

Malls have been pushed to revamp the in-store experience, especially as shoppers rely more on their smartphones.

Looking for the best bargains for your Black Friday shopping experience? 

The Black Friday app can give you the best deals right when they are released. You can get all the breaking Black Friday ads on your IOS and Android devices.

But that’s not all your app store offers for Black Friday shoppers!

The RedLaser app allows you to scan any item with a barcode and pull up the best prices at stores near you.

The Shopular app will notify you of the best coupons while you are inside the store you’re shopping in.

And last but not least, the TGI Black Friday app helps organize your content.  Read more about today’s app of the week. 

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