Colorado Springs councilman Miller resigns, announces mayoral run

Colorado Springs city councilman Joel Miller announces he is resigning from City Council and running for mayor in 2015. Tori Kay - FOX21 News

Colorado Springs city councilman Joel Miller announced Monday that he is resigning from city council and running for mayor in 2015.

Miller has represented District 2, which covers much of northeastern Colorado Springs, since 2013. His term was set to end in 2017.

The announcement came as a complete shock to many. Not even Keith King, City Council President, knew what was coming.

Miller said his run for mayor is his way to avoid a sequel of our current government, citing Mayor Steve Bach’s “disregard” for a law passed by city council and the $2 million spent on staff severance packages.

“The more things that happened over the course of the last 19 months, the more it’s clear that it’s going to take somebody in the mayor’s office to help get the new form of government to be what it should be in representing the citizens,” said Miller.

If elected, he said he plans to put an emphasis on accountability and free market enterprise.

“Giving an even playing field for all businesses, making it easy to do business and establish a relationship with the legislative branch and acknowledging that checks and balances are here for the purpose of good governance, not for an obstacle to my agenda,” said Miller.

For some council members, his resignation was welcomed news, but scary for the future of the city.

“He would not be a collaborator and would not–would find it very difficult to actually pull the community together to move forward on uniting topics,” said Jan Martin, Colorado Springs City Council member.

City council has 30 days to find a replacement for the empty seat. Meanwhile, Miller is already planning his campaign.

“This isn’t about making Joel Miller or the government of Colorado Springs something I want it to be,” said Miller. “It is representing the citizens and doing what they expect of their government to do.”

Miller plans to lay out the full details of his platform in January. Win or lose, he is no longer part of the city council.

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