Idaho teacher facing controversy after killing rabbit for classroom demonstration

A teacher at Columbia High School in Nampa killed a rabbit in front of his class during a demonstration on how to prepare your own food, according to the Nampa School District.

The 10th grade Biology teacher, who the district is not identifying, raises rabbits and chickens at his farm for food, the district says. He mentioned that to his students and they asked him to demonstrate how to do it.

The district says the teacher declined at first, but after the students asked him again, he agreed.

The teacher brought the rabbit to school on November 6 for the demonstration. The district says students were given the option to watch or be excused.

The demonstration started with the teacher breaking the rabbit’s neck to kill it. He then skinned it and carved it up for cooking.

The district says some of the students who decided to watch the display felt upset afterwards, and some parents raised concerns.

The district says the teacher did not notify administrators beforehand of his plans.

“The demonstration is not part of the curriculum for Biology for 10th grade in Nampa,” district spokeswoman Allison Westfall said.

Westfall says she can’t comment on what kind of discipline the teacher faces because it is a personnel issue.

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