SPECIAL REPORT: Justice for Stephan

This is Stephan Wilson with his older sister Michelle. Courtesy of Stephan Wilson's family

A family in Colorado Springs is in desperate need of answers and said they won’t give up their search for the person who may have shot and killed their loved one four years ago.

On October 1, 2010, Stephan Wilson, 32, was found dead inside his apartment on Del Monico Drive in Colorado Springs.

“The night before the police department got a noise complaint from that apartment,” said Detective Montez with the Colorado Springs Police Department. “Officers were dispatched to that particular apartment and then they arrived on scene. There was obviously loud music coming from that apartment. They attempted to make contact and no one came to the door so at that point the officers left and told management to make contact with him the next day if the noise continued.”

The noise didn’t go away the next morning, so management let themselves in.

That day is a blur for Wilson’s family. They say they just want answers and justice for Stephan.

“All the way there I just kept praying that something was wrong and this was a bad joke,” said Michelle Wilson, Stephan’s older sister.

The case is still open and has more questions than answers. There’s only one major detail police have given the family.

“One was that they knew my son,” said Leslie Smith, Stephan’s mother.

Stephan’s family members continue their fight every day and say they will never give up.

“It’s important not only the families that they get closure but the citizens too because they remember these cases,” said Montez.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Colorado Springs Police Department. You can be anonymous if you wish to be.

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