What you need to know before you vote

Eleven additional polling places opened Monday in El Paso County. FOX21's Alison Mastrangelo

This is the first general election where all Colorado voters can mail in their ballots.

Voters received their ballots last week in the mail and could start returning them by mail immediately. This week, 11 additional polling places opened up in El Paso County, allowing residents to hand in their ballots in person.


11 more Voter Service and Polling Centers opening in El Paso County


These polling places will be open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.      

“You can mail it in. 70 cents is likely adequate postage. You can bring it to one of our 24/7 drop boxes. We have 12 of those open around the clock,” Wayne Williams, El Paso County  Clerk and Recorder, said.

Under Colorado law, an individual can drop off 10 mail-in ballots at a time.

“If you give it to someone else to turn in and they sign for you, that ballot is not going to count. It is important that you sign your ballot, and every election we have people forget that,” Williams said.

Williams said people need to send in their ballots at least a week before Election Day to make sure their ballot gets there in time.

“We don’t recommend anyone mail in a ballot after October 30. If you turn it into the post office and it is not received by our office on November 4 by 7 p.m., it doesn’t count, and we wants everyone’s ballots to count,” Williams said.

Some voters dropping of their ballots Monday afternoon found the mail-in process pretty simple.

“This was really easy, pretty straightforward. I like it a lot better than going to the polling and wait. I found it a lot easier,” Thomas Sabino, El Paso County voter, said.

“I think the process is convenient. There is probably not going to be as much confusion as folks originally thought. Once you get your ballot in the mail there are clear instructions and it becomes a whole lot less complicated,” Daniel Stanforth, El Paso County voter, said.

Williams also said the county will be opening up an additional 13 polling places on November 3 and 4, making a total of 25 polling centers open for Election Day.

If you have any more questions or concerns or you want to verify that they received your ballot, you can go to the Clerk and Recorder’s website.

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