Trick or treat? Police warn about pot-infused candy

The Denver Police Department has earned nationwide attention for <a href="" target="_blank">a video it posted to YouTube</a> warning parents to watch their kids' candy for marijuana edibles.

Halloween is almost here, and some Colorado law enforcement officials are worried about kids getting a hold of the wrong type of treat.

The Denver Police Department has earned nationwide attention for a video it posted to YouTube warning parents to watch their kids’ candy for marijuana edibles.

However, according to Colorado Springs police, it’s not the trick-or-treating they should be worried about, in this case.

“If somebody has medicinal marijuana and they’re taking it other than smoking it and it’s sitting around the house with something infused in it, that could be confusing for a child,” said Lt. Catherine Buckley, Public Information Officer with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Buckley said marijuana comes in many forms and could very well be mistaken as candy, especially during this time of year.

“Knowing that you have that medical marijuana license, you need to take those cautions, you need to think about it just the same way you do anytime you have prescription medication,” said Buckley.

“The packaging could be very similar, so if it’s in your refrigerator, I suppose that if you’re not paying attention to where your child is, and you put that in your house, that child could get into it,” said Dorothy Harada, a Colorado Springs parent.

Harada told us she’s not too concerned about someone giving her child pot while trick-or treating.

“I don’t think the average person is going to want to give away their expensive stuff for Halloween to torture children,” she said.

According to Harada, the bottom line–from one parent to another–is educate your kids.

“Look at the wrappers of what you’re going to eat. If you don’t recognize, don’t eat it,” she said.

Police also said if your child receives candy on Halloween that is not something you’d get at the grocery store, don’t eat it.

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