Police nab suspect in camera equipment theft

Joe Randall took this photo of Quail Lake in July. Courtesy Joe Randall

You may have seen Colorado Springs resident Joe Randall’s beautiful landscape photographs on the FOX21 Facebook page.

A few weeks ago, though, Randall was forced to stop shooting when a thief stole his camera equipment from his home. But now there’s good news for Randall and his wife, Kimmie Randall. Police have nabbed a suspect in the theft, and the two are getting their equipment back.

Thousands of dollars worth of equipment, including three DSLR cameras, a laptop, and camera accessories like memory cards and battery chargers, was taken from the Randalls’ home September 24. Randall filed a police report and sent surveillance images to police and the public.

Then, Tuesday, the couple received a call with some good news. Police had found Randall’s equipment at several pawn shops in town. One of the cameras had also been listed for sale on Craigslist.

After an investigation, Colorado Springs police arrested Todd Dye in connection with the missing equipment. He faces multiple charges, including false information to a pawn broker, according to police. Police said they are investigating other burglaries that Dye might be associated with.

Randall said police recovered his wife Kimme’s camera in the bust. He got the laptop back from one of the pawn shops, and hopes to get one of the cameras back from another pawn shop soon. Randall said the suspect admitted to selling the third camera, and a tablet is still missing.

Right after the theft, Randall’s sister set up a Fundly page for the couple. Randall said that fundraiser raised enough money to replace the camera that was sold, with a little extra left over.

“We will be printing custom prints for all who donated and helped us find this guy as our way of thanking everyone for showing us community,” Randall told FOX21.

In a Facebook message, Randall commended two Colorado Springs Police Department officers for “getting things we reported checked out quickly.”

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