Organization in Colorado Springs helps children of fallen heroes

Emma talking about her dance class paid for Angels of America's Fallen Joe Lewis

Angels of America’s Fallen helps dozens of families all over the country. It wants to be there for the kids of our fallen heroes, like a little girl named Emma in Colorado Springs.

For more on the organization, click here.

Emma is only 3 and a half years old but she can tell you why she likes to dance. She said she just likes to move around. She was only 4 months old when her dad, a U.S Army soldier suddenly died around the time he was training to be in Special Forces.

“We moved away to Fort Bragg North Carolina, that’s where Emma was born,” said Adri Loughmiller, Emma’s mom.

Adri said the toughest thing is making big decisions without her husband there, but she’s happy to have Angels of America’s Fallen by her side.

“What I saw was when I lost friends they always had young children and I was concerned how the kids would grow up and how they were going to be mentored and developing in those years between the loss of a parent and adulthood,” said Joe Lewis, President of Angels of America’s Fallen.

The organization is all volunteers and is helping about 200 kids in 29 states now.

Emma and her mom use the dance class time to think about her father.

“I basically just remind her who her dad was and that he was a soldier and that we can remember him by this as well so when she’s dancing that’s just another occasion where we can remember him,” said Adri.

Angels of America’s Fallen has been helping families since 2012.

The money to help pay for things like Emma’s dance classes comes from fundraisers, donations and federal grants.

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