Should you download the Facebook Messenger app?

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Facebook’s Messenger app, from serious privacy issues to it even possibly taking over your phone.

Facebook has probably been telling you for weeks that it would quit showing private messages in your normal Facebook app, and that you would have to download the separate app. But your Facebook feed is also probably blowing up with warnings about the so-called dangers associated with the app.

The forced switch is annoying users because of warnings spreading about the possible privacy violations, and even the possibility of the app taking over your phone.

FOX21 social media guru Trav Ruiz downloaded the app, and he says there’s no need to worry. The app’s privacy settings tell you that it accesses your contacts, your camera, and your microphone. Facebook says it only asks for permission to use those things so it can “enhance” your experience. It says the terms have been in place for several months.

A lot of people are saying they won’t download the app, but it’s actually remaining one of the most-downloaded apps in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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