Do you really know the rules of recreational marijuana in Colorado?

Now that recreational marijuana has been legal in Colorado for about eight months, we decided to hit the streets to see how much people really know about the rules of recreational marijuana in Colorado.

First question how old do you have to be to buy marijuana?

“I believe 21,” Bill Ewell from Colorado Springs said. He is correct according to Manitou Springs Officer, Odette Saglimbeni.

“You must be 21 unless you have a medical marijuana license that says otherwise, Saglimbeni said. “I have seen people that are younger with a medical marijuana card,” she said.

Next question, true of false can you smoke marijuana and drive?

“No you can’t, the way I look at is you should treat it like you treat alcohol,” Kyle Doyle from Manitou Springs said.

Officer Saglimebeni also agrees.

“You cannot smoke while you are driving. Like I said, it’s the same like alcohol you can’t drink and drive, and you can’t smoke and drive,” Officer Saglimbeni said.

Third question, how much marijuana can you purchase as a resident in Colorado?

This question did not stump the locals, both Colorado residents Ewell and Doyle agree that you can only purchase an ounce of marijuana if you are a Colorado resident.

Which is correct, but the next question might be harder for a visitor to answer.

How much can you purchase if you are a non resident/visitor in colorado?

Randy Vosberg, from Wisconsin guessed a quarter ounce. Which is also correct.

“Non-Colorado residents can only purchase a certain amount and residents can purchase up to ounce, I believe,” Officer Saglimbeni said.

Final question of the day, can you smoke in public places?

“I don’t believe so,” Vosberg said.

“No, not at all,” Doyle said.

They both were also correct.

“You can’t smoke in public, you can’t sit at the park and smoke you can’t, you can’t walk down the street and smoke, you can’t park your car and smoke inside your car thats still consider public consumption,” Officer Saglimbeni said.

Overall, we were happy to report that although some people had to think about it, residents and non-residents of Colorado knew the basic rules when it came to purchasing and using recreational marijuana in Colorado.

Now another two marijuana rules that some of individuals may not know are the following:

According to the website, even though you cannot smoke marijuana in your car, you may transport it in the proper container from the store to your house. However, it must be the legal limit and you cannot smoke it while you drive. Also, even though you can buy recreatinal or medical marijuana at a store you cannot consume marijuana in or around the licensed store that you bought it from.

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