App of the Week: Uber and Lyft

There’s a new way of getting a ride – right from the palm of your hand.

Uber and Lyft are now more popular than ever and now both have a presence in the Colorado Springs market.

Both apps let you ask for a vehicle to come pick you up. Uber lets you specifically chose the type of vehicle that will pick you up. Lyft is a little more casual as it has everyday folks pick you up.

Anyone can become a Lyft driver to make a few extra dollars. Of course, you’d have to pass a background check and go through tutorial training.

Legislation that is set to soon become law in Colorado establishes rules for the companies. These so-called ride sharing companies will be put under the oversight of the state’s public utilities commission. Gov. Hickenlooper is set to sign the bill.

Click here for more information on Uber. Click here for more information on Lyft.

App of the Week is sponsored by The Mac Corner. 

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