Raising awareness for Drowning Prevention Month

This is little Emily getting her first swim lesson at the Mermaid Cove Swim School in Colorado Springs. Aisha Morales - FOX21 News

It’s warming up and many of us are looking to cool off in the pool or at the lake.

May has been declared National Drowning Prevention Month.

A mom in Colorado Springs brought her daughter Emily,4, to the Mermaid Cove Swim School for some lessons, and although Emily was scared she knows it’s for the best.

“She might cry the first,second, third class but I know as the classes go on she’s going to be more familiar with the water,” said Hilda Peregrina, Emily’s mom.

Ren Link, is part owner of the swim school and said they start teaching kids as early as six months how to swim.

“First thing we teach the kids is how to float on their backs, then step two is teaching them to jump into the water, and then roll right to their back,” said Link. “Then step three they go right from their tummys bubble and kick, and roll to their backs.”

Little emily has Down Syndrome so learning to swim also helps her muscles. “As a mom it really scares me and I get really get freaked out when I hear cases of kids dying,” said Peregrina.

According to the Centers for Disease Control kids between the ages of 1-4 are at a higher  risk of drowning, and in 2010, 57 kids in Colorado died.

Swim experts like Ren Link say you can never be too careful with kids around water.

A good tip for folks with a pool at home is to have it covered and fenced in.

For more water safety tips, click here.

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