Colorado State Patrol tells drivers to ‘move over’

<font size="2">Troopers are making the movement known on Twitter with tha hashtag #MoveOver.</font> via @CSP_CSprings

Colorado State Patrol troopers are telling drivers to “move over”, and they’re making themselves known through social media.

According to CSP, so far this year, 22 vehicles have smashed into patrol cruisers on the highway, compared to 19 crashes in all of 2013.

Now troopers are working on a movement that’s hoping to keep drivers in check.

“We do see more and more people everyday abiding by the move over law,” said Wallace Lathrop, Sergeant with the Colorado State Patrol. “Troopers are making a conscious effort to educate the public.”

Troopers are making the movement known on Twitter with tha hashtag #MoveOver. The campaign is aimed to reduce the number of crashes involving patrol cars, which is already high for this year.

“If one lane is not available due it just being a two-lane road, or it’s just not available because of traffic or anything else, then as they approach the trooper or the tow carrier, they’re required to slow down and drive with caution,” said Sgt. Lathrop.

“Unfortunately, in 2014, we do have a high number. I believe we’re on pace to double the number of patrol cars being hit compared to 2013.”

Ultimately, troopers want drivers to do their job on the road, so that they can do theirs, Lathrop said.

“If they were to slow down and abide by that law, and of course, move over, then we can prevent that happening.”

“I would assume that the law exists because people can get hurt further if they are already pulled off on the side of the road,” said Alecia Wilder, a Colorado resident. “So if it’s going to keep people safe, then you should move over-it’s the right thing to do.”

If a person is caught not moving over when a law enforcement vehicle or even a tow truck is parked on the side of the highway, he or she could be cited.


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